Creative Direction

Whether you’re an ad agency or a business seeking copywriting and creative concepts, I’m here to fulfill your short-term requirements, ranging ideally from one day to three weeks. Just let me know the scope and timeline of your project, and we can take it from there. I’m adaptable to work solo or alongside a partner to best suit your preferences.


Let’s have a conversation about your video needs and objectives, or simply pass the creative wand in my direction and let me start to create for you. Whether you require captivating promotional videos, engaging social media content, or professional brand storytelling, I can assist you in defining your vision and executing it flawlessly.

Brand Consulting

If you run a small business in Massachusetts and find yourself in need of marketing assistance but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat. I can guide you in identifying your specific marketing requirements, the right professionals to hire, and how to best allocate your funds. Let’s collaborate to determine a consulting fee that aligns with your budget.

Monthly Marketing

I help a select group of clients as their outsourced full stack marketer, helping with graphic design, email blasts, videos, social media, websites, and even CRM management. Really, when working with someone, I am open to helping solve most business or marketing related problems within my skillset.