I offer my services as an outsourced full-stack marketer to a select group of clients. From graphic design and email blasts to videos, social media, websites, and even CRM management, I’m here to help you tackle a wide range of business and marketing challenges. Whether you need a creative solution or simply high-quality videos, I’m committed to delivering excellence and helping your business thrive.

About Us

Welcome to Creativity Scientist, a creativity-first approach that champions the genuine stories that make each brand unique.

Richard Marczewski Jr, our founder and the creative force behind Creativity Scientist, seamlessly blends scientific acumen with a boundless creative spirit.

With an extensive background in digital media, film production, and performance, Richard has crafted a distinctive methodology—the Creativity Blueprint—that captures and expresses the authentic essence of stories in a cluttered digital world.


Our Philosophy

We believe that the most powerful stories are those that are true to the person. We steer clear of the cookie-cutter approach, focusing instead on what makes you stand out. Whether you need us to lead the creative charge or collaborate closely with your team, our goal is to craft video content that resonates deeply and performs spectacularly.

What We Offer

Video Production

From poignant brand films to vibrant commercial spots and meaningful social-impact stories, our production is tailored to showcase your true story.

Brand Consulting

Customized marketing strategies developed to align perfectly with your business objectives and the unique nuances of your market.

Monthly Marketing

Extend your marketing department with our comprehensive services including video production, social media, email marketing, and more, all tailored to fit your needs and goals.

Avant Garde

Ask about my jingles and beats. Visit my ART LAB.

Our Creative Process

We begin by immersing ourselves in your brand’s world—its ethos, messaging, and ambitions. This foundational step ensures our creativity aligns with your objectives.

Leveraging the insights from our discovery phase, we craft a narrative that truly represents your brand. This includes detailed storyboarding, scripting, and planning, ensuring that every element is authentic and targeted.

Our skilled team brings your story to life with precision and flair, capturing the authenticity and essence of your brand in every frame.

We refine your content with state-of-the-art editing techniques and creative insights, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We present our work, eager for your feedback, and make any necessary adjustments to perfectly hone your message.

Let's Craft Your Authentic Story

If you're ready to differentiate your brand with genuinely compelling video content that strikes a chord and leaves a lasting impression, let's connect. Creativity Scientist is here to help you navigate the digital landscape with videos that are not just seen but felt and remembered.

Our Devoted Clients